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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Celebrating Onam @ Cochin

Happy Onam everyone!

Onam is one festival which is celebrated by Malayalees without any religious constrain in Kerala and across the world. Last year I was with by my dad, mom and Achamma (Dads mom)  in Mumbai and had good Onam Sadya and this year in cochin with grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousin Ananya. Will miss dad as he could not join us because of his job commitments but I had made sure me and mom will keep him posed on all the developments.

Memories of last year Onam in Mumbai


With Athapookkalam 
Me and Achamma

Playing with Dad

ME and Dad

It was an awesome trip this time to cochin, from the time I landed here the gifts were pouring like cats and dogs :) It was more than what I have expected. In fact I was practicing with my dad in Mumbai as to how I would be demanding gifts from all and make sure I get it :) … but to my surprise it looked like all were competing as to who would be giving me more ….. I love them all. 

Celebration Onam at Cochin

Anisha and Ananya

Getting ready for temple visit

My grandma was preparing for Onam from last 10 days …. Collecting gifts and stuffs to make various dishes to treat us for Onam Sayda. Thiruvonam day morning is always special, I went to temple with all and get ready for a gala Onam sumptuous feast  ..which includes best chips, kheer, palada …….   and ends with payasam.
Lovely Onam Sayda made by grandma

Enjoying my Onam Sayda

For my non Malayalee friends sharing the story my dad told about Onam -here is a summary.

Kerala in ancient times was ruled by a demon “Mahabali”  he was suppose to be a bad person but this dude was an exception. In his kingdom Kerala was prosperous and peaceful and the regime was so good that even Gods, felt threatened by his popularity so they devised a cunning plan to overthrow him.

They send Mr Vishnu(another Hindu god) dressed up as a sage(Vamana-A Brahmin boy). Mahabali being a very generous person he agreed to a request of 3 feet of land for the ‘sage’ to meditate.  Soon after the request was granted the sage turned to a mega-monster and covered sea with one and land in 2nd step and had nowhere to take the third step. 

As Mahabali never go back on his word, he asked the sage to take the next step on his head and in no time he was pushed to underground, forever. But before that Gods showed some mercy on him and granted permission to return to his homeland once every year to check on his people. And that day is Onam when the whole state is decked up to welcome their beloved king.

The other thing I liked about onam is the tradition of preparing beautiful Athapookkalam (rangoli with flowers) in olden days it was made in lawn outside everyone’s house but now with flat concept cemented bobby’s are decorated. I enjoyed all process and the final outcome.

At the end all the efforts was paid off with a good lunch together with the whole family and loads of gifts. Next year also i will be here to celebrate Onam and will give list of gifts in advance :)



Monday, 9 September 2013

In love with sand and beaches

Again it was the vacation time, this time it’s only me, mom and dad. And this time its was to Puri in Orissa. As any other kid I also love being outdoors and when its sand its double fun. I just loved the time when we were on sand …. a day at the beach is one of the most thrilling things a kid can imagine … a week's vacation there is pure nirvana!!! 
Anisha at puri beach
Anisha at Puri beach

Anisha with Sand

We were booked in Golden Sands- Sterling Holidays Resort at Puri an ideal place to enjoy Sea, sand and sun in the temple town.

With King uncle at Sterling Holidays Resort - Puri 

The place where we stayed was an ideal place and beach was only for us to enjoy… Sun down with nobody around !!!
At Puri Beach Market

Night Market at Puri Beach

I loved the time spent at beach with full of sand around and this is one thing I miss in at my home in Mumbai. Sometime my dad use to leave me alone to play and be with myself and that’s the time I have taken full advantage of being with the nature.. And it feels so ama-azing. Though after that it was his duty to give me a bath and get all the sand out of my cloths and hair. 
My Friend Sand..
Enjoying the Beach from far

Sand and more sand

Anisha with sand at Puri

While I was busy playing with sand and enjoying the ocean there were few uncles building some awesome sandcastles with sand but because of the low light pictures could not be taken. One day I also plan to build something like that and showoff to others.

Sand is one of the purest forms of nature and children can explore their imagination. And the word “NO” i learned  recently came very handy.

Dad : Are you done ?
Me : NO
Dad: you are getting dirty..
Me : NO
Dad : Its enough for the day..
Me : NO
Dad: you might be hungry…
Me : NO
Dad Give me whatever you just put in your mouth.
Me : NO
DadOk fine, eat it and get sick.
Me : NO
DadStop saying no. 
Me : NO
Dad: lets go back to resort and get some rest …. 
Me : NO

But finally people with strength overpower people with kind heart who only want to play in sand and we head back to our resort and eagerly wait for the next day when I can be back.

Searching for Sand

I can play for hrs in sand but like all good things this also come to an end after our 4 days of stay at Puri were over and it was time we move to Bhubaneswar for the next leg of vacation.

What do you need to take care off when your kids plan to enjoy their Vacation on Sand?

  • Baby wipes are something which will come as handy, You can use them to wipe off your hands
  • Put sunscreen on before you head out.
  • Keep a towel in the car or with you  just for wiping off sands.
  • Pack empty plastic bags for carrying home wet, sandy suits and shoes.
  • A big beach umbrella to give you an oasis of shade.

Puri -City in India

Puri is a city and the district headquarters of Puri district, Odisha, eastern India. It is situated on the Bay of Bengal, 60 kilometres south of the state capital of Bhubaneswar.
Puri is a coastal district of Odisha, famous for its historic antiquities, religious sanctuaries, architectural grandeur, sea-scape beauty, and its moderate climate. It holds a wealth of attractions for the visitors.

Places of interest

Bhubaneswar -City in India

Bhubaneswar, also spelt Bhubaneshwar, is the capital of the Indian state of Odisha, formerly known as Orissa. The city has a history of over 3,000 years starting with the Mahamegha-bahana Chedi dynasty which had its capital at Sisupalgarh, nearby. Wikipedia
Population: 837,737 (2011)
Area: 419 km²
Weather: 26°C, Wind NW at 3 km/h, 98% Humidity

Places of interest