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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Umbrella Umbrella Everywhere

Color colors ever where !!! With the monsoon and rain pouring in, It's a season of umbrella everywhere and it was like a fascination for me. Where ever saw someone carrying an umbrella, I just happen to give a shout umbena umbena umbena!! ...its umbrella in my language !!zing!! and its an indication that I also want one of my own :)

umbrella and Anisha
Anisha and her Color's
This monsoon is special though this is my 2nd monsoon but this the one where I got to know rain. And where ever I traveled during this period it was all awesome experience.. be it Mumbai, kerala or for that matter the vacation to Puri with my mom and dad , I got to see colorful umbrellas everywhere.
Anisha and her umbrella
Under the umbrella (Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh).

I really loved this season where your can run into your loved ones arms and stay close under these colorful umbrellas.. its time where the emotions run higher than weather.

Though ignored for a long time but finally I got my own umbrella which my mom got during one of her shopping spear for me. I personally feel if you love rain you should not be holding an umbrella, but with all this fairy tale colors spread on it….  I just want someone to hold for me and be under it to enjoying the rains.
Anisha's umbrella
My Own Hello Kitty Umbrella  

I can’t believe when my dad told that some 30-40 years back it use to be only black and no colors added to umbrella… thankfully that’s not the case now. With all the colors added it makes the rain bit more pleasant, with our lovely Umbrellas spread in all shapes, sizes and colors!!
umbrella and Anisha
Umbrella and ME

With rains getting over in Mumbai, I will wait for next monsoon to be back with lot more color's in life.

Love you all!!! Happy Monsoon