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Thursday, 25 April 2013

My friends Me Mee's...........

Fresh Water Fish Keeping

Want to introduce some of my other friends whom I see first thing in the morning from the day i was born, they are my Me mee’s who are there in our fresh water fish tank. By now all of them are my friend and our day starts with waking them up by switching on lights and feeding them with their favorite food. We have all colors of me mee’s in our fish tank and some are even afraid of me  ha ha ..I try to touch and they swim away and hide in the plants.

Now days I also accompany my dad when he go for any purchase for the fish tank, there I see more me mee’s but not allowed to get them all home.    

keeping tropical fish
Spending Quality Time with My Fish Tank

Recently visited an aquarium exhibition in Mumbai, I will keep all the me mee’s in my tank when I grow up :)  currently I am in the learning process of Fresh Water Fish Keeping and Marine Fish Tank.  

learning process of Fresh Water Fish Keeping and Marine Fish Tank
Me Learning the Process of Fresh Water Fish Keeping


Friday, 12 April 2013

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Zone

Friendship... is not something you learn in school.. so i thought its perfect for me to start :) And ended up making lots of friend and will continue......

Let me take the privilege and introduce some of my friends to you all lovely people!!!  

Baby pics
Me with Doggy mon and Kangu

cute Baby
Me with Doggy

With Abhijith

Anisha and Sargun

my best friends
Me with all my Bow Bow friends

My best friends
My Bow Bow friends 

Me and My Red Teddy

Me with all my friends at home

My friend Dolly

Some evening chat with Sargun

Elly from Guruvayoor

Me and Dolly

All My friends gather at midnight 5th Dec 2012 to celebrate by 1st Bday!!!

Diya my special friend... we both share the same Bday
The Famous Ekta :) 

Me with my Cousin Ananya

This is a small list :) I know a lot of them have been missed and all fault on my dad who could not  capture all my friends. Having said that all my friends are close to me and would be updating the blog in the coming days to cover all you lovely people in my life.


Monday, 8 April 2013

My First Walk

Babies first walk
It’s a big milestone in every parent’s life when their little ones starts to crawl, walk and run..and in my case people around were getting worried as all my friends in the society started much early. Friends the fact is, I was just enjoying the pampering and those lovely walks holding hands.

And now finally I decided that it’s time to have some excitement and to show the catwalk :) While on vacation at Tarkali – yes that’s the place to go for my very first walk… it was a quiet afternoon in the hotel room when all were lazing around I had my first every ramp walk on the bed. All were so happy and excited that they made me walk the whole vacation when in room. See now you all can understand why I don’t wanted to start walking ;) phew ….

Sharing some quick pics taken of the moment !!!

baby started walking baby walkingbaby started walkingthe first step

If you search on the net there will be thousand of parents having this worry, my advice is that there is no need to get worried till the time other motoring skills are perfect …. Just enjoy the time with your kid and give time to develop their own capability